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4640 Brandy Oak Court Interior Paint

A rather big improvement to 4640 Brandy Oak Court was the interior painting. Three estimates were requested and there was a bit of variance in price. Talking with our real estate agent, Jim Zeller, from Watson Realty, we opted to go with his recommendation, "John Rios with Color Wave Painting might not have the lowest price, but he does an excellent job."

4640 Brandy Oak Court Color Wave Painting Estimate
4640 Brandy Oak Court, Jacksonville, Florida
Color Wave Painting Estimate: $3,100.00
For this painting project, we wanted the entire ceiling painted along with two coats of paint on the walls. What was in our favor was the quick timeline. An estimate was secured on Friday evening, June 3rd, and the painting commenced the next day, June 4th!

We had just closed on the house, so the house was empty and ready for painting! In order to facilitate a smooth project, a five page color guide was prepared. Coincidentally, we had selected Sherwin-Williams colors - and that was the type of paint that Color Wave would be using! We were on the same page with our paint. Welcome to our Sherwin-Williams interior!


To prepare our color guide, we used the interior pictures from the listing. On each page of our color guide, we had the interior room thumbnails along with the selected paint color. This handy five-page guide helped make our paint project a smooth one.

If you look closely at the five-page guide pictures, you can see the before shots of the interior. There were a lot of interesting colors to cover!
4640 Brandy Oak Court SW6134 Netsuke
4640 Brandy Oak Court, Jacksonville, Florida
Color Guide: SW6134 Netsuke
The main area of the house, including the kitchen, dining area, laundry room, entrance hallway, and living room were to be painted with SW6134 Netsuke. It is an interesting tan color that has a hint of yellow or gold tone. We weren't sure of the color when it was being trimmed in as it contrasted with the pinkish-tan color that was on the wall. Once this area of the house was painted, it was a perfect choice.
4640 Brandy Oak Court SW6908 Fun Yellow
4640 Brandy Oak Court, Jacksonville, Florida
Color Guide: SW6908 Fun Yellow
Living in Jacksonville, Florida, there isn't a more perfect yellow color than SW6908 Fun Yellow. This color was selected for the master bedroom, master bathroom and walk-in closet. If you enjoy waking up to sunshine each morning, this is your color! It is not too bright, but has just the right level of yellow tones.
4640 Brandy Oak Court SW6716 Dancing Green
4640 Brandy Oak Court, Jacksonville, Florida
Color Guide: SW6716 Dancing Green
SW6716 Dancing Green was selected for the two guest bedrooms, guest closets, hallway, coat and linen closets, and guest bathroom. Once that color went on the walls, it was love at first sight. We were also seeing a lot of this color on HGTV! We picked a trendy color.
4640 Brandy Oak Court, Jacksonville, Florida
Color Guide: SW6751 Refresh
We knew we wanted some teal in our Jacksonville home. It came in the color of SW6751 Refresh. That was the color selected for the finished Florida Room.
4640 Brandy Oak Court SW6824 Forget-Me-Not
4640 Brandy Oak Court, Jacksonville, Florida
Color Guide: SW6824 Forget-Me-Not
In the swing room -- a room that can be the fourth bedroom or a formal dining room, study, den or office -- we picked a unique color. Last, but certainly not the least, is SW6824 Forget-Me-Not. Oh my! What a beautiful color. We weren't sure if the color would be too dark. The color we had to cover was a deep military gray. It was pretty dark. After this color went on, there were a lot of "ohs and ahs" from our painters. They loved it too! And, this paint was used to create an accent wall in the garage!


SW6134 NetsukeSW6908 Fun Yellow
SW6716 Dancing GreenSW6751 Refresh
SW6824 Forget-Me-Not

We were inspired by the color palette of Stanley Furniture. The Coastal Living Cottage line from Stanley has the most incredible palette of colors. Our inspiration for the interior painting of 4640 Brandy Oak Court came from our Stanley colorful bedroom set.

4640 Brandy Oak Court John Rios Color Wave Painting
4640 Brandy Oak Court, Jacksonville, Florida
John Rios of Color Wave Painting
That's John Rios, the boss of Color Wave Painting! He pitched in to help our his crew. He's painting SW6716 Dancing Green in one of the guest bedrooms.

4640 Brandy Oak Court photo mosaic of sherwin williams colors
4640 Brandy Oak Court, Jacksonville, Florida
Photo Mosaic of Sherwin-Williams Colors
In our photo mosaic, you get a little peek at the Sherwin-Williams colors in the various rooms. This is a beautiful Florida home for sale. Our interior painting job took 3 days and came in on estimate of $3,100. We were pleased with our painters and would recommend them.

If you are interested in seeing this beautiful home, it is being shown by appointment to well-qualified buyers. This seller is motivated to sell and is looking for somebody who wants to love this home and appreciate all the enhancements and improvements.

UPDATE: We sold this beautiful home and closed on Monday, June 8, 2015. Thank you to all our interested neighbors and visitors for looking and inquiring. We will miss you. Bye for now!
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